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      Terms and Conditions

      Terms of service providing Conditions Karhanyan online school offers services, according to these terms:
      • Using our web-site you agree to be guided by our conditions
      • From time to time these conditions can be changed by the school. All changes will we be announced in the site. You can get acquainted with the conditions of provided services anytime here https://kos.am/terms-and-conditions: After similar changes, if you continue using services of our web-site, it means that you agree to accept our new conditions
                                                           The use of personal data Do not announce the information which is given by the learner for the implementation of this agreement, confidential information and data, do not reveal or publish such information (besides information that is known from social networks or public sources to the 3rd person without the preliminary written agreement. Use E-mail, phone number, login of KOS.am and other data, which the learner used during registration, to send them informational and advertisement-informational materials and inform about the activity and contract improvement process. Getting registered in Karhanyan online school or using their services the learner agrees to the processing of the personal data by Karhanyan online school or the 3rd person involved in it, for the implementation of the points of the contract. Karhanyan online school has the right to record audio-classes, in order to control the teaching quality. All disagreements between two sides according to the contract will be solved by conversation. The side whose right has been violated, must send a written request to the other side by E-mail. If during 15 business days the request is not getting an answer, or during 15 working days after getting the first answer, the sides don’t come to agreement, then the side whose right has been violated has the right to apply to the court.                                                 Description of provided services Karhanyan online school offers:
      • Individual online language learning
                                 Rights and duties of Karhanyan online school
      • Provide high-quality classes regardless of the course type
      • Provide all needed materials and electronic books (PDF)
      • Provide with the information about organization and technical means of classes
      • The school will give you a “Personal assistant” who will constantly be in connection with the learner and teacher and provide support in case of any problem
      • Not later than a week let the learner know about any changes in the educational process
      • Karhanyan online school has the right to replace the teacher to another qualified teacher
      • If you are not willing to continue the course, the school will pay you back
      • Create educational program taking into account the learner’s age, the aim etc.
      • Organize a free-trial lesson, during which the learner will have the opportunity to get acquainted with teacher and the details of the course
      • In case of the problems connected with internet the school has to accomplish the lesson
      1. 1.If the lesson has been interrupted about 15 minutes after starting, must be filled the whole lesson
      2. 2. If the lesson has been interrupted after 15 minutes, in that case the time must be fixed and the rest will be filled either with the following lessons or separately according to their reciprocal agreement
                                                 Rights and obligations of the learner
      • The learner is obliged to be present at the classes according to the schedule created beforehand
      • The learner is obliged to maintain ethical standards, display proper behavior, otherwise the learner will be dismissed from the classes, without money back
      • The learner must follow teacher’s all instructions and do given exercises
      • The learner has the rule to postpone 2 individual lessons (because of technical and other problems). In this case he/she must let the personal assistant or teacher know in written form, at least one working day before the lesson. Otherwise the lesson will be considered accomplished and paid
      • The learner must inform the personal assistant if teacher hasn’t contacted him/her at the appointed time
                                                 Rights and obligations of the teacher
      • The teacher must start an online lesson only in case the camera is on, and don’t turn off till the end of the lesson
      • The teacher doesn’t have the right to have a phone talk during the lesson or engage in other activities not related to the lesson
      • The teacher must create such atmosphere and conditions, which won’t be obstacles for the implementation of the lesson
      • The teacher must use the program and literature given by Karhanyan online school, or the program and literature offered by him/her which will be agreed with the school staff beforehand
      • The teacher must inform the administration, if the learner hasn’t contacted him/her at the appointed time
      • The teacher can change the schedule twice a month, informing the administration about it at least one business day before the lesson in a written form
      • The teacher must start the lesson according to the schedule
      • If the learner has postponed lessons twice a month, the teacher must accomplish the individual lessons, making agreement with the student and administration
      • The teacher must not extent or accomplish the lesson if the learner joined the lesson later than 15 minutes, or postponed lessons more than 2 times
      • The teacher must accomplish the whole lesson or only a part, in case of technical problems by his/her side
                                                             Payment order of online lessons
      • The learner must pay before starting the course
      • The learner must make a payment according to the pointed price in the web-site through ArCa, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and iDram payment systems
      • The school will return money back to the bank account, from which the payment has been made, when the learner will not be willing to continue the course by presenting justified reasoning
      • Further price changes will not refer to the current price of the learner’s course
      • We don’t have access to any of your payment card information, as the online payments are made through Arca payment system
      • In our web-site, the price list presented in USD, EUR and RUB treats exclusively to non-residents. The pointed price must be viewed as conventional units, which are equal to the exchange rate of the day of AMD
      • The last charge of the services’ price and money back is being done in AMD, regardless of the currency you pay, and perhaps there will be differences between AMD and the currency you have paid or bank transfer fee by mediator banks, for that our company is not responsible.
        Contact us:
      Tell. (+374) 91 000 843
      (+374) 98 000 723
      SKYPE: KarhanyanOnlineSchool